My Story.
 My Mission.

There will be days when you want to quit. Don’t! “It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up.”

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been into sports.  I was super active:  running, climbing trees, rollerblading, skateboarding, biking and surfing (one of my favorite activities growing up).  As I got older, and since I moved around, I really never got into one sport or team.  I just enjoyed playing it all.  My father started taking me to the gym in my early teens and I loved the workout; especially at that age when you want to show off.  When I became an adult, my friend Jorge and I rented a 4 bedroom home, and instead of a dining room table, I bought a nice Golds Gym Olympic bench and from there I took off.  Every morning, afternoon, and evening I was on that bench training and coaching my friends who would come over.

I fell in love with training people and realized how much I can change someone’s life in just a few months.  That led me to further my education in fitness.  I studied Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Fitness Business Management.  Once I became certified, and after a year working at my local gym, I decided to chase my dreams and start my own business.  Hence, XBT (Xtreme Body Transformations) Fitness & Nutrition was born.

While it hasn’t been an easy road, I haven’t looked back. I was always told, and have always believed, that dedication and consistency is the key to achievement!

Back then, once I realized what my body was capable of, I became obsessed. Years later, even though I have accomplished what I had set out to do, I am still obsessed.

Anyway the truth is, it doesn’t matter who I used to be, it’s about who I’ve become. And who I can help you become. I am proud of my own extreme body transformation. Give me 90 days and I guarantee you will be too!

XBT Strength and Conditioning

Strength & Condition Training

Build the size, strength, and endurance of your skeletal muscles.

xtremebodytransformations mobility

Mobility & Flexibility

Improve the range of motion of your joints and muscles.

XBT Hand Balancing

Hand Balancing

Improve your core strength, posture, upper body strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

XBT Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Improves blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugars.


Duilio Aicardi

Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist

The results start when you do!